Sui Bian Guo

Si Ji You Mei or Four Seasons Beautiful originates from Taiwan, and is Formulated by Guang Yuan Biochemical Technology. Share plum is made of plum and mixed together with other herbs (honey, mulberry leaf powder, cassia, Yu Li Ren) and fermented. It is rich in enzymes and lactic acid bacteria.

Sui Bian Guo is 100% natural, with no additives, and no side effects. It helps to clean blood, improves constipation, (resulting in healthy bowel movements), reduce pimple and freckle, sober up detoxification, reduce fat and control weight, slimming tummy, and fine-tune endocrine.

Sui Bian Guo is researched and developed by using green plum as its carrier and mixed with five natural herbs and plants, i.e.mulberry leaf powder, cassia seed, semen pruni, yerba mate, and natural carotenoids.

It is not a laxative, it is a functional fruit food and it contains no chemicals, no artificial flavoring or preservatives, but purely natural herbs and plants.

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