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He & ME Spectrum Eyeshade For Adults and Children


He & ME Spectrum Eyeshade is made for all age groups. It comes with an adjustable strip that allows wearable customisation for your best comfort.

The Spectrum Eyeshade can help improve blood circulation around your eyes, which improves eye-bags, dark circles, and dry eye problem.

With the excessive use of mobile phones, computers for long periods of time, our eyes are dry and tired. Some may experience pain or even itch within the eye. Spectrum technology helps to aid in these problems and it can be done during your sleep!

The eyeshade can also be used as a neck ache as well as a toothache relieves. Just by placing the eyeshade on affected areas of the body, spectrum technology would be able to help improve the blood flow of that particular area and improve our body’s condition.

It is convenient to travel with the He & ME Eyeshade and it’s an investment of a life time!


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Spectrum Sleeping Eye shade is wearable sleep aid that is made by the latest technologies of Germanium Spectrum Fibre fabric materials. It is a natural product with the ability to release spectrum and far-infrared energy therapies to relax our eyes, drive us asleep quickly and fall into deep sleep.

Features of products : Ideal for insomnia, dry-eyes suffering tiredness, eyestrain and dark circles on the eyes. Made of Spectrum Fibre that provides extra comfort for the eyes and it helps to protect our eyes from radiation.


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