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Baby Express UV Sterilizer Bag


Sold By: Baby Express SG


Keep clean and sanities on the go! Just 3 minutes to get rid 99.9% of those nasty germs!

Multi-purposes use

Can be used for baby bottles, toys, clothing, electronic/plastic/ceramic products, and more

High quality material

Prevents the UV rays from penetrating through and leak out

Operation Procedure

‐ Connect bag to a power source; power bank.
– Power light on when plugged into power source.
– Press power button once to start sterilization.
– Purple light comes on inside when in operation. Power light flickers while sterilizing.
– Once done, after 3 minutes, power light will stop flickering.
– Contents are kept sterile up to 4 hours, without opening of bag.

Other information

3 UVC + 2 UVA LED beads
10,000 hours lifespan
Wavelength : 260-280mm
Measurement : 27cm x 17cm x 14cm
Sterilization time : 3 minutes
*Powerbank not included

Care guide

– wipe with damp cloth

⚠️ Caution ⚠️

Do NOT shine UV light onto skin or eyes, it will cause harm.
Keep out of reach of children.
Do NOT press, wash or soak.
Do NOT use this product for other purposes.
Comes with 12 months warranty.



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