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He & ME Multi-Use Neck Wrap 


He & ME multi-use neck wrap, designed to provide the most comfortable experience.

MOBIUS  360°Cycle Design

Has undergone a double-layered work process. With 360 ° arbitrary curl, the top has been self-shaped. It is elegant and natural, showing French laissez faire.  Inspired by ” Xiangyun” element design

Multi Usage 


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He & ME Neck Wrap has a full spectrum of the auspicious design and is made of pure germanium fiber fabric. The design is inspired by cultural symbol. Combining the product design with traditional elements, not only makes the product beautiful, but also rich in content.

Features of products

  • Very Comfortable, Stretchable on all sides without fear of losing its form
  • Good breathability and moisture wicking function travel
  • Anti-static and anti-ultraviolet material, a good companion for outdoor travel
  • Thin and stylish, easy to carry


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