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He & ME Neck Protector


He & ME Neck Protector helps protects the cervical spine and locks in the cervical spinal curve. Relieves the pressure on the neck.

Skin friendly, soft, silky fabric

He & ME Neck Protector has a lining which is made of high-quality silky fabric that is soft to the touch and is most suitable for the skin. It is healthier, more breathable and more comfortable for you.

Vintage Brass Nameplate

The product design integrates the brand concept. The end of the neckband is decorated with the HE & ME exquisite retro nameplate. This nameplate enhances the overall aesthetic experience and subtly highlights the exclusive premium quality

Velcro design for easy adjustment to any comfortable size

High-quality felt surface, does not create fluff balls and does not fall off, does not shrink freely, easy to take off.

Back Wear: For acupoint preservation therapy
Front Wear: For correction /Prevention of Head Bowing

Suitable for both men & women , and for all ages.

Easy usage, while working, playing with your phone, driving and daily use. Especially for middle age & elderly users.



Sold By: He&Me



He & ME Neck Protector is made of Jacquard woven fabric of pure Germanium fiber, a luxury grade with self-heating warm compress with acupuncture point therapy and a double column flexible support for the healthcare of your neck. Based on Ergonomic principles, designed to fit the neck line

Features of products

  • The outer layer uses pure Germanium fiber of high-grade fabric, high quality jacquard texture and exquisite craftsmanship.
  • Energy stone distribution covers important acupuncture points on the shoulders and neck, with self-heating warm compress, which enhances the vitality of your neck cells.
  • Based on Ergonomic principles, designed to fit the neck line. Keeps your neck warm while correcting your cervical spine at the same time. Indeed, it has multiple uses.
  • The fine and uniformly sewn neckband edge, and Herringbone stitches provide a better texture and feel.
  • Built-in flexible support columns for effective decompression. The neckband is stylish, with a strong sense of multi-dimensional feel.


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