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Oriental Bamboo Healing Therapy


Did you know that the Oriental Bamboo Massage, which is an ancient therapy, uses hollow organically treated and gently warmed bamboo canes to give a deeper and firmer massage whilst it kneads those muscles and releases the tension in those knots?

Oriental Massage of almost 5000 years old, uses the magic properties of the bamboo canes in order to achieve an absolute relaxing state. It balances the energy centers to obtain a complete sensation of well-being.

Sold By: The Ladies Cue | Ladies Club Supporting Women Across Asia


Bamboo canes are used to stimulate the circulation of the blood and it helps the drainage of the impurities.

It’s recommended for those who look for a holistic treatment that gets a perfect balance between body and mind. In addition, it also helps us to model our figure, giving us the shape that we desire.

Upon purchase, call 6536 1661 to make your appointment.

Present payment invoice (which you will receive via email after payment) when you are at The Oriental Spa Chamber for your therapy.

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