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Ovary Care Therapy


45 mins Therapy Session

Ovary Care Therapy is a specialised form of massage techniques that is performed over the lower abdomen, pelvis and sacrum area to address these issues above and improve the overall reproductive and women’s health.

Although the therapy focuses on the womb, all the other parts of the reproductive organs, such as the ovary, fallopian tubes, cervix as well as the surrounding ligaments and muscles supporting the reproductive system will benefit from this massage.

Sold By: The Ladies Cue | Ladies Club Supporting Women Across Asia


A non-invasive female reproductive organ health massage that works on the abdomen, stomach, liver, intestines, and the female reproductive – fallopian tubes, ovaries, and uterus.

It helps to ease irregular menstrual cycle, clear out congestion, reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation, help detoxification, and promote overall hormonal balance.

Upon purchase, call 6536 1661 to make your appointment.

Present payment invoice (which you will receive via email after payment) for your therapy.

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