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Sui Bian Guo (share fruit) is a natural, fermented green plum that is excellent for relieving constipation, detoxifying, reducing body fat, resisting bacteria, and regulating the intestinal tract.

In Chinese medicine, it is a popular remedy for constipation. It is effective when other methods fail, yet it’s very gentle on your system.

Green plum was first applied medically by Chinese herbalists in the 5th century. It has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine as a great help in the purification of blood, promotion of metabolism, digestion, detoxification, and increasing the movement of the bowels.

Sijiyoumei Sui Bian Guo is a Halal high-quality health food with green plums as the carrier. it is supplemented by a variety of natural herbal ingredients. Made by integrating the traditional methods with modern technology and going through up to four months of natural fermentation, the product adheres to the concept of homology of medicine and food, with no preservatives and chemicals.

Sui Bian Guo has successfully passed the food safety inspection by many domestic and international authoritative organisations. It has also been sold to more than 80 countries and regions in the world, leading the new tasty fashion of natural green food made from green plums!

  • 10 grams per individual package
  • 15 individually wrapped green plums per box


1. Green Plum – The well-known longevity fruit in ancient and modern times is rich in calcium, iron, sodium, manganese, and other essential nutrients, and a variety of organic acids.

2. Mulberry leaf – Contains 18 kinds of amino acids required by the human body, has the functions of resisting bacteria, removing toxicity, clearing heat, purifying the blood, and relaxing the bowels.

3. Cassia seed – Helps the liver gain strength and enhance its essence; has the functions of clearing heat, relaxing the bowels, and protecting liver and kidney; has a good adjuvant effect on lowering blood pressure and blood fat, and preventing coronary heart disease and hepatitis.

4. Mate tea – Contains up to 196 kinds of active nutrients, including the unique chlorogenic acid, rutin, and other nutrients; it’s a single plant with the most comprehensive nutritional and healthy effects discovered so far by mankind; it is a regulator of the heart, nerves, and muscles that can prevent the deterioration of body function; has the effect of relaxing smooth muscle, improving respiration, protecting myocardium, relaxing the bowels, scavenging cholesterol, and improving blood circulation.

5. Dietary fibers – Dietary fiber is as important as the traditional six types of nutrients – protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water in the human body. Increased intake of dietary fiber can effectively prevent constipation and hemorrhoids, and greatly improve gut health. Dietary fiber can reduce fat and cholesterol absorption in the gut and promote the discharge of cholesterol and cholic acid, with the effect of reducing body fat, blood fat, and cholesterol.

6. Natural carotene – Plays an important role in preventing dry skin, improving nyctalopia, human immunity and memory, delaying senescence, and promoting the healthy growth of bones and teeth, is one of the indispensable elements of the human body.

Benefits of consuming Sui Bian Guo 随便果

1. Improves gut health and aids in food digestion through the natural helpful ingredients of the preserved plum

2. Relieve constipation

3. Helps in weight reduction through proper exercise and diet

4. Detoxification of the body toxins that can help in skin condition

Recommended Usage

For weight reduction, consume plum 10 to 15 minutes before a meal. To improve gut health, consume after meals. To allow your body to go through detoxification, consume before sleep.

Take 1 to 4 pieces per day. You may choose to soak the plum in warm water and drink it. This allows better absorption. Consume the plum residue after you have finished your drink.

Buy 20 boxes and get each box at $28.

随便果是一种天然的发酵青梅,非常适合缓解便秘,排毒,减少体内脂肪,抵抗细菌和调节肠道。在中医中,它是便秘的流行疗法。 当其他方法失败时,它是有效的,但对您的系统却非常温和。
绿梅最早是在5世纪由中草药在医学上应用的。 长期以来,它一直在中药中用作血液净化,促进新陈代谢,消化,排毒和增加肠蠕动的重要帮助。
四季优美随便果是一种以青李为载体的清真优质保健食品。 辅以多种天然草药成分。 通过将传统方法与现代技术相结合并经过长达四个月的自然发酵而制成,该产品坚持了药物和食品同源性的概念,不含防腐剂和化学药品。
随便果已成功通过许多国内外权威组织的食品安全检查。 它也已销往世界80多个国家和地区,引领了由绿色李子制成的天然绿色食品的新美味时尚!
  • 每包10克
  • 每盒15个单独包装的绿梅


  1. 绿梅 – 古代和近代著名的长寿果,富含钙,铁,钠,锰和其他必需营养素,以及各种有机酸。
  2. 桑叶 – 含有人体所需的18种氨基酸,具有抗细菌,除毒,清热,净化血液,舒缓肠胃的功能。
  3. 决明子 – 帮助肝脏增强力量并增强其本质; 具有清热,清肠,保护肝肾的功能。 对降低血压和血脂,预防冠心病和肝炎有很好的辅助作用。
  4. 伴侣茶 – 包含多达196种活性营养素,包括独特的绿原酸,芦丁和其他营养素; 它是人类迄今为止发现的最全面的营养和健康功效的单一植物; 它是心脏,神经和肌肉的调节剂,可防止身体机能下降; 具有舒缓平滑肌,改善呼吸,保护心肌,舒缓肠胃,清除胆固醇和改善血液循环的作用。
  5. 膳食纤维 – 与传统的六种营养素同样重要-人体中的蛋白质,脂肪,碳水化合物,维生素,矿物质和水。 膳食纤维摄入量的增加可以有效预防便秘和痔疮,并大大改善肠道健康。 膳食纤维可以减少肠内脂肪和胆固醇的吸收,并促进胆固醇和胆酸的排出,具有减少体内脂肪,血脂和胆固醇的作用。
  6. 天然胡萝卜素 – 在预防皮肤干燥,改善夜视症,增强人体免疫力和记忆力,延缓衰老,促进骨骼和牙齿健康生长方面发挥重要作用,是人体不可缺少的元素之一。


  1. 通过蜜饯的天然有益成分改善肠道健康并帮助食物消化
  2. 缓解便秘
  3. 通过适当的运动和饮食帮助减轻体重
  4. 排毒身体的毒素,可帮助改善皮肤状况


如果要减轻体重,饭前10至15分钟食用李子。 为了改善肠道健康,饭后食用。 为了让您的身体排毒,请在入睡前食用。每天服用1至4片。 您可以选择将李子浸入温水中并饮用。 这样可以更好地吸收。 喝完后喝些李子残渣。


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1 box (15 pieces), 5 boxes (75 pieces), 20 boxes (300 pieces)


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