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Trial Eyewear Styling Concierge Service by Lenicc Eyewear


Lenicc started out to make to make customisation of quality eyewear with that perfect fit a blissful reality. Lenicc’s sunglasses are an intersection of personalisation and haute couture, handcrafted with a specially designed raised-fit.


Benefits of Lenicc’s Sunglasses

  1. Trendy and Lightweight
  2. No headache with a comfortable fit
  3. Prevent premature eye aging and retina degeneration
  4. Cataracts prevention
  5. Contactless on the cheeks with a firm grip

If we can mix and match our clothes, why not our sunglasses as well? After all, we all yearn for that perfect match and alluring style that helps us rise above the crowd.

Sold By: Lenicc


Lenicc Eyewear connects you with style experts to help you shop eye-protecting sunglasses while incorporating them with what you already own to build your perfect wardrobe.

Speak with Grace Ng, Founder of Lenicc Eyewear to understand the importance of eye health and what we can do to prevent future eye issues.

Purchase this at $100 and get a trial Eyewear Styling Concierge Service worth $1500! Upon purchase, you will receive an email that includes the invoice for this purchase. Send the invoice via DM to Lenicc Eyewear Instagram to book an appointment! It is that simple to create fashion with protection! 

Our Recommendations: Lenicc x The Ladies Cue

Your eyesight is one of your most important senses: 80% of what we perceive comes through our sense of sight. However, many people may neglect the importance of eye care. Are we indirectly subjecting to more eye strains these days with our habits? Join us on 4 June 2020 (this Thursday) 9pm on Facebook Live as we pick up tips on eye protection. We are honoured to have invited Grace Ng, the founder of @lenicceyewear and Dr Val Phua, Eye Specialist from Eagle Eye Centre, to share their insights.Drop in the comments below on what you would like to hear from them. See you this Thursday!

Posted by The Ladies Cue on Thursday, June 4, 2020

Our Recommendations: Lenicc Eyewear x The Ladies Cue

Lenicc brings together talents from the optical, medical and fashion field to fulfill a simple vision – Premium Fashionable Eyewear that makes a difference. With every pair of sunglasses sold, a part of the proceeds go to supporting precious cataract surgeries and training of ophthalmologists in rural areas of developing countries.

Posted by The Ladies Cue on Friday, May 8, 2020

Specially selected and sourced, the elements that are used to create our customisable sunglasses need to be light, durable, and comfortable.

  • For the frames, Lenicc Eyewear uses cellulose acetate (natural plastic) that is light to wear and long-lasting.
  • For the lenses, Lenicc Eyewear uses fully UV-protective, polarised CR-39 with a layer of anti-glare coating to give your eyes maximum visual impact and comfort. Using stainless steel for the arms lessens tarnish and retains a sparkling shine.

Everyone is unique. Be bold and tailor your shades to suit your lifestyle. We are here to empower you to express yourself and release the aura hidden within you


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