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Uslim Waist Girdle is not only a key fashion item in the design of fashion changes but also a body-sculpting product that has a protective effect on the body. It supports the waist and maintains the spine, raises the chest line, and beautifies the waistline. The three-dimensional cutting process makes the waist seal fit like a shadow. Self-cultivation, hip lift, a flat abdomen, and chest up. This girdle perfectly fits the body perfectly. The style is simple and generous. It can follow the fashion trend whether it is worn outside or matched with a jacket. The rubber material of the waist seal interlayer has good vertical and horizontal extension and contraction force. It stretches with the movement of the body. In the invisible tension of extension and contraction, it naturally massages the skin and plays a role in shaping.


Black is a favorite color of designers, giving ladies elegance. The matching of white letters in the details and the collision of different materials in the same color system create a sense of brightness yet classic style.




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