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VITAYES Instant Ageback Facelift


VITAYES is produced and bottled exclusively in Germany, but they are not only subject to the strict German, but also EU-wide regulations for cosmetics and consumer products.

Instant Ageback cream is one of the most advanced developments in the cosmetics industry, and the effectiveness against wrinkles and sagging skin is confirmed not only by thousands of satisfied customers, but also by the Institut Dermatest. Instant Ageback has been awarded the 5-star guarantee, with all subjects being able to significantly reduce the depth of individual folds.


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With the revolutionary Instant Ageback formula, it is possible to achieve a significantly younger skin image in just a few minutes.


Within FIVE MINUTES of applying, eye bags, fine lines and deep wrinkles reduces, courtesy of the innovative Argireline active ingredient. The instantaneous and most dramatic effects of this product last as long as nine hours, but daily application as a base improves and protects your skin noticeably and permanently over time.


The science of this Instant Facelift cream magic begins with a secret of nature, locked in the natural Argireline it contains – the ultimate advanced development in the cosmetics industry. Argireline is considered a safe cosmetic peptide active ingredient for the treatment of deep wrinkles and tear sacks and pores – without injections and unpleasant stress on the skin.


Much like the name implies, our Anti-aging firming cream visibly tightens skin, acting like “a corset for your facial rejuvenation” to give you a more defined and sculpted look. this potent treatment works to significantly improve facial skin’s elasticity to enhance tone and moisture.


Apply a small amount of the cream to the respective skin area and allow it to act. After 5 minutes you will hardly believe your eyes: The ageing symptoms of many years will be disappeared instantly and you can begin your day with rejuvenated younger looking skin.


It works through a unique mechanism which relaxes facial tension leading to a reduction in superficial lines and wrinkles with regular use. It is an anti-aging compound containing a blend of 10% Argireline which contains a peptide that works to restore and maintain the skin youthful appearance.

Results may vary depending on skin type.


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