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VITAYES Perfector Anti-Age Day Cream (with 15 SPF)


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Vitayes Day Cream complements the complete Vitayes range. The daily moisturizer is ideal in combination with other products of the advanced anti-aging cosmetics from Vitayes. All Vitayes products are made in Germany and free from animal testing. With SPF 15 (sun protection factor 15), you can now protect your skin against harmful sunlight and premature aging.


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Vitayes Perfector Anti-Age Day cream (with 15 SPF) 50ml is created to accompany you through the day. This vitalizing formula for neck, face and décolleté provides the skin with the necessary energy / moisturizing care all day. VITAYES Day Anti-Aging Cream has smooth texture that allows fast absorption and easy application.

Vitayes Perfector Anti-Age Day Cream 50ml

The miracle active ingredient “Glyocin natural” provides 24-hour hydration for your skin with an anti-aging effect for young, fresh and natural looking skin. SPF 15 (sun protection factor 15) protects the skin against harmful sunlight and premature aging.

Start your day fresh and rejuvenated with VITAYES Day Anti-Aging Cream. The gentle, instant formula enhances your daily skin care routine. Highly effective active ingredients, enriched with powerful peptides. It also helps to visibly rejuvenate your skin. VITAYES Perfector Anti-Age Day Cream hydrates your skin while protecting it from the sun and other harmful influences from the outside.

Benefits of Vitayes Perfector Anti-Age Day CreamThe instant brilliant effect will give your skin an energized, youthful glow from the very first application! For more information, visit www.vitayes.sg



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